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Body Lift

Many people who have gone through extreme weight fluctuations suffer from deformity of the body. Often the skin is not able to recede completely. An extremely demanding, but at the same time effective method in the fight against the fat aprons is a body lift (also called Lockwood method).

When is a body lift useful?

When you are suffering so much from your deformed body and want to have a much firmer skin and a more beautiful silhouette.

Some examples of when a body lift may be necessary are

- In case of excess skin

- In case of large aprons of fat in the abdominal, leg and hip areas

- In case of pychic stress or depression due to the situation

How is a body lift performed?

A body lift is the most extensive plastic aesthetic procedure, which can put considerable physical strain on patients, not least due to a relatively long general anesthetic, and is associated with a number of risks. Therefore, only proven specialists with years of experience and regular operations should perform these procedures. This procedure takes about four to six hours and requires an inpatient hospital stay of at least two, often five days.

A distinction is made between a "lower body lift", in which the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs are usually tightened, and the "upper body lift", in which the focus is on the chest, upper arms and back. The latter, however, is rarely used nowadays. The "lower body lift" is essentially a tummy tuck, buttock tuck and thigh tuck, which are performed within one session. The skin as well as the subcutaneous fatty tissue are first separated from the muscle skins via a belt-shaped incision. The belly button is usually incised to be repositioned later. The underlying muscle skins are then tightened and the excess skin is removed. After this, the thigh and buttock lift usually begins, which is technically very similar.

The course of the scar after a Body Lift

Elementary for an aesthetic result is the targeted positioning of the scar in the area of the underwear, so that after successful surgery the incision can be concealed underneath. For this purpose, the incision lines are marked in a standing position before the operation.

The time after a Body Lift

Following the operation, you will remain in the clinic as an inpatient for a few days, as you will initially be restricted in your movements. After about 5 days you can leave the clinic, but you should plan to take at least two weeks off work to give your body enough time to heal and regenerate. Special compression girdles should also be worn for a further 2 months.

With the body lift, an extremely aesthetic result can be achieved that gives you a significantly increased self-esteem and makes you appear in a completely new shape.