27 2021 Jun
Cappadocia: The Door Separating Magic And Truth

Cappadocia is an open-air museum that nature has created by laboring for millions of years. Or should we call it an exhibition? Cappadocia invites you on an epic and mystical journey with fairy chimneys and valleys in a unique way that changes your perception of space and time, traces of the civilizations hosted throughout the history by hiding sometimes ingeniously from the eyes which want to explore, and showing sometimes all its uniqueness and glory. 

The soft layers of lava and ash that the volcanoes in the region sprayed during their active period were shaped by rains and winds that lasted for millions of years and turned into fairy chimneys. The resulting landscape, when you first see it, can make you feel like you've traveled through time. And when you listen a little more, you realize that the voices of the different civilizations that have lived in this region throughout history are still echoing. 

While you travel around, you will witness the monument which is created by Hittites to bless the gods and show their strength and the underground city, hidden temples created by the early Christians, who escaped from the tyranny of kings, their lives, and what they can do to maintain the faith of mankind regardless of the circumstances.  

This area, formed by lava, also served as a sanctuary for the Persians, who blessed the fire, and the volcanoes in the region formed their saints. During your journey with horses in the valleys of Cappadocia, which the Persians called “The Land of Beautiful Horses”, where Alexander The Great put an end to their rule, you can also find traces of ancient caravans and warriors of Alexander today.  

Cappadocia, where nature freely and uniquely expresses itself, also ignored the prohibitions of kings. Christians who are fleeing from oppression took refuge in this area to hide. The fairy chimneys formed by the volcanoes worshipped by Zoroastrians, also hosted the first monastic life by the hand of mankind. Frescoes from this period, found in the Goreme Open-Air Museum and many large and small churches in the Ihlara Valley, are waiting for you to see the reflections of the Bible unique to Cappadocia. 

This magical geography, which turns every touch made to it into a work of art, has naturally encountered sieges throughout history. When the Earth was dangerous to live, life continued underground. Derinkuyu and Kaymakli, underground cities built in such a way that 50,000 people can live together, open their doors to you with hidden beauties and magnificent engineering. In this huge city of 18 floors, where a new exit door is hidden, it may be waiting for you to discover it. 

Listed as a Unesco World Heritage site, the area is also home to many activities. You can hike in the valleys by moonlight, ride horses or ATVs. In pottery-making workshops bearing traces of the craftsmanship of the Hittites, you can touch the magical soil of this region and try to make your pottery. You can enjoy a unique view while tasting region-specific wines in Cappadocia vineyards. You can join balloon tours and glide over this fairy-tale land as if riding a flying carpet. 


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