12 2021 Sep
Fat Injection (Breast)

Own-fat breast augmentation is becoming more and more popular. This is because no foreign bodies in the form of implants are inserted into the patient's breast. Instead, the surgeon removes the patient's own fatty tissue and injects it into the breast. This ensures a natural result. Breast augmentation with autologous fat has both advantages and disadvantages compared to breast augmentation with implants.


Own-fat breast augmentation: procedure


Breast augmentation with autologous fat takes place in two steps: First there is liposuction, followed by breast enlargement (mammary augmentation). Only small incisions are necessary for both procedures. These only have to be large enough for the cannulas through which the fat is sucked out or injected. Accordingly, this type of breast surgery causes hardly any scars. The procedure takes one to two hours. It is usually done on an outpatient basis under local or general anaesthesia. Afterwards, the patient stays in the clinic for one night - a longer stay is not necessary.

Before the fat tissue is transplanted into the breast, it has to be prepared accordingly. During centrifugation, the fat cells are separated from the other fluids. This leaves only about half of the removed tissue suitable for injection into the breast.

The prepared fat tissue is injected into the breast through appropriate cannulas in the submammary fold (submammary fold or inframammary fold). Depending on the desired breast size, one to several sessions are required for the transplantation. However, there must be a time interval of about three months between the procedures.

As a rule, about 500 cubic centimetres of body fat are needed per breast. This corresponds to a weight of about 470 grams. When both breasts are enlarged, about one litre of body fat is suctioned out. This results in an increase in volume of about 200 to 250 cubic centimetres per breast, which corresponds to an enlargement of half to a maximum of three quarters of a cup size.


In order not to impair scar healing, the patient must take care of herself after the procedure. The surgeon will give her precise instructions on how to take care of herself. For example, saunas and sports should be avoided for about six weeks after breast surgery with autologous fat. Depending on the progress of the healing process, heavy physical activity in the upper part of the body should be avoided. In any case, the patient must wear a special support bra after an autologous fat breast augmentation. Tight clothing should be avoided.


What should be considered before breast augmentation with the patient's own fat?

In general, the patient should have a stable weight with little fluctuation. At least two weeks before the breast augmentation with own fat, she should also abstain from nicotine, alcohol and blood thinners such as aspirin, and pay attention to appropriate hygiene. If the patient's natural breasts are small and firm, a pre-operative skin stretching with a special bra can prevent excessive strain on the breast after the operation.