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Service Name Youth Vaccine


With aging and foto aging our skin loses its flexibility and moisture. The main reason of its; lessening on collagen which connects our skin cells to each other and along with that losing flexibility.
Beside of that, hyaluronic acid amount which provides moisture and aliveness to our skin is being lessen as well. With time, the collagen amount lessen and lost its moisture skin becomes tarnish, wrinkles and floppiness becomes visible to eye.
With Youth injection bringing back to required from first moment, moisture and aliveness, starts collagen synthesis, by decreasing wrinkles and floppiness to minimum we are bringing back your youth. Application is made as mesotherapy method, distribute underneath to skin evenly.
It is applied to areas; as face, decollete area and as hands which are most seen of wrinkles and sings of aging


D. Yelda Doğan

Dr. Non-Surgical Cosmetic

City: Antalya
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