23 2021 Aug
Breast Augmentation (Anatomic Round)

Breast augmentation: round or anatomical implants?

 Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery. Augmentation with the help of breast implants is particularly popular with patients. Breast augmentation involves various decisions, including which type of implant to use. After all, not all breast implants are the same. They come in different sizes, in different shapes, with or without a surface structure and the filling material can also vary.

 Breast augmentation with round breast implants

 The majority of breast surgery procedures are performed with round implants. They have a spherical appearance and achieve an even increase in volume of the breast. Because the female breast is given a uniform rounded shape with round implants, the décolleté usually appears fuller. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to an optimal implant size with round implants so that the breasts do not appear artificial or disproportionate, but a harmonious appearance is achieved. Especially in the case of sagging breasts with severe volume deficits, round implants are usually better suited than their anatomical counterpart to create the desired appearance.

 Round implants also have the advantage that any rotation of the implants does not affect the appearance of the breasts. Due to the even volume, a possible rotation is not visually noticeable.

Breast augmentation with anatomical breast implants

In addition to round implants, anatomical breast implants can also be used for breast augmentation. These are based on the natural appearance of the female breast. Accordingly, they are narrower in the upper part and become wider towards the bottom. For this reason, they are often called teardrop-shaped implants.

Anatomical breast implants have the advantage that they are less noticeable than round silicone implants. Because they resemble the appearance of the female breast, even larger anatomical implants look less "artificial". One of the disadvantages of this implant shape is that there can be unpleasant visual changes to the breast should the implant rotate. In contrast to round implants, this can have an effect on the appearance of the breasts with drop-shaped implants. In some cases, surgical correction is then necessary to restore the harmonious shape of the breasts.