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Service Name Blepharoplasty-Only Upper Or Only Lower-General


With aging and photoaging, our skin loses its flexibility and moisture. The primary reason for that; decrease in collagen which connects our cells, thus flexibility loss. Besides that, adding moisture and aliveness hyaluronic acid decreases as well. With time, decreased collagen amount and loss its moisture skin becomes tarnish, wrinkles and prolapses become visible. Youth injection, make your skin regain its required moisture and aliveness which it needs from the beginning; by decreasing wrinkles and prolapses to a minimum, we are making you young again. The process is being made by distributing in the same amount through underneath of skin with mesotherapy method. Implementation is being made to areas like the face, decollete area, and hands which are shown most to wrinkles and aging symptoms.


Ebru Şen

Dr. Aesthetic

City: İstanbul
Price: 1,250.00 €