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Service Name Prominent Ear-General


Classical method prominent ear aesthetic surgeries are basic and mostly might be done with 1 hour anaesthesia aesthetic surgeries. These surgeries are do not have any risks related with death. Prominent ear aesthetic surgery is generally with its most basic wording; by cutting to tended through forward ear cartilage or by taking excessive cartilage and pushing ear to backward implementation. Prominent ear surgeries might be done easily to everybody from every age. Bottom limit is 6 years old. And general age group is 7-8 ages. Prominent ear problemed kid has to enter this surgery before starting to school. The reason of that is to prevent being insulted inside his friend groups. These derisions and teases quite effective over those little aged kids. Thus, it might cause to issues about growing and psychological. Due to, making this surgery in early ages has got benefits.


Ebru Şen

Dr. Aesthetic

City: İstanbul
Price: 1,500.00 €
Duygu Aksoy

Dr. Aesthetic

City: Antalya
Price: 1,440.00 €